they used to be under another name, but apparently the new name Caña means new, better, higher quality products, as well has incredible budtenders. the atmosphere is so welcoming, clean, and professional. All the flowers are FIRE. Plus, I love that their prices include tax already and that they offer weekly specials. I loved the thc design mixed berry and xj-13. super clean, flushed, quality flowers. also, both times I was helped out by I believe his name is Ryan, and he is incredibly knowledgeable and kind; you guys are lucky to have him as a part of the family!
Used to be WestValley Caregivers in Woodland Hills on Ventura west of Fallbrook. I was going there for 10yrs. for their high-quality products and knowledgeable staff. Now the moved to Canoga Park and are now Cana Farms. The same Staff and owner. Mich more spacious and a wide selection of everything. they are also a recreational store. I will now still take the extra drive because they are the best in the Valley. I feel that they are family! Mark N.
Mark N.
Just stopped at Caña and it was a very friendly experience. The people there were nice and helpful. The shop was clean and looked great! Transaction was quick and easy. 25% off for first time customer was icing on the cake!
I have been going to there old location for 9 years, and boy did they get an upgrade!!! Very spacious, wonderful staff, knowledgable, and great prices for top product. They have earned my business with no shady prices or tactics and so as long as the prices are good and the staff continues the work that seems almost 2nd nature to them, they have my business and im sure many more of you will know by just taking ur first trip to this shop. Great service!!!! Keep it going just like i know you guys have over many years!!!!
Dilon W.